ADMAA Executive Committee Members

President, Eugene Soh
Eugene Soh

​​Eugene Soh is the founder of Dude Studios, a company that explores new technology and it’s social and artistic applications.

He’s been featured in the Singapore media many times for his fresh, irreverent and highly imaginative artworks and projects​
Class of  2013

Interactive Media 

Vice-President, Boo Xinying​

Boo Xinying is a film-maker and media producer who was part of the founding cohort of ADM Students and the very first

ADM Student Club President, establishing the student culture we still have today.
Class of  2009

Digital Filmmaking​

Honorary General Secretary, Priscilla  Hoo

Priscilla  Hoo, is the co-founder and co-director of Hello Group which is Singapore only national and regional casting agency ​and has worked on Hollywood productions like Crazy Rich Asians and Westworld.
Class of  2011

Digital Filmmaking​

Treasurer, Philip Tan​

Philip Tan is a filmmaker and educator.
Class of  2009

Digital Filmmaking​