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​A Visual Feast of 3D Filmmaking at SD&A 2017

Published on: 09-Feb-2017

​​On Monday 30 January 2017, a selection of thirty-one 3D films were showcased as part of the 28th annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference 3D Theater Session, San Francisco, California. Attendees, including some of the world’s foremost experts in stereoscopic imaging technologies, were treated to a fantastic selection of 3D cinema and video content from 13 different countries. This annual event exhibits the wide range of 3D content being produced and exhibited around the world – from major studios to researchers to talented indi​viduals.

In order to reward and recognize the high-quality work that is being conducted in this field, the producers and judges of the session are pleased to announce the following Best of Show award winners:​

Best of Show Animation Category:
“Chrysalis” from Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez (Singapore)
Synopsis: Chrysalis is a tale of personal struggles and endurance. The film is based on an old legend about the butterfly‘s struggles to evolve
Link to Trailer:​

The judges at this year’s event were: Eric Kurland (3-D Space), Dan Sandin (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Group and DepthQ Stereoscopic). The producers were: John Stern (Intuitive Surgical), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Group and DepthQ Stereoscopic), and Andrew Woods (Curtin University). Management and playback of 3D content was expertly handled by Dan Lawrence (DepthQ Stereoscopic).

We are grateful for the support of our projection sponsors: DepthQ Stereoscopic and C​hristie Digital; and our 3D Theater partners: LA 3-D Movie Festival and 3-D Film Archive.

About SD&A​

The annual Stereoscopic Displays & Applications (SD&A) conference is the world's premier conference for 3D innovation. It is the largest and longest–running technical conference dedicated to the discussion of stereoscopic imaging topics.

The SD&A conference is part of the International Symposium on Electronic Imaging organized by the technical society IS&T. The SD&A conference program includes a range of exciting and useful special sessions, as well as research-based oral and poster presentations dedicated to stereoscopic imaging topics. Special sessions include keynote presentations and live demonstrations of stereoscopic displays and applications.

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