Typeface design Hakkanese by Lau Li Xuan, ADM Visual Communication selected by Almenara Press, Leiden, Netherlands

Congratulations to Lau Li Xuan, Visual Communication student, on the publication of her typeface design Hakkanese by Almenara Press, Leiden, the Netherlands!

The typeface design Hakkanese (2020) was selected from among a wide number of proposals by the prestigious Almenara Press, to be part of their 2021 publication Trazos discontinuos. Antología crítica sobre las bienales de arte en Asia Pacífico. Ojeda, D. & de la Nuez, R. (2021), Leiden: Almenara. ISBN 978-94-92260-47-5.


On Hakannese Typeface

Hakkanese typeface is an attempt to visualize Chinese Hakka oral language. Based on Li Xuan’s research on her family members that actively spoke Hakka at home, she researched on Hakka to develop a visual library for each sound, tone and pitch that will later represent the spoken language by using the Latin alphabet. The result is atypical and sophisticated letterforms that reflect on the history of Hakka as being a linguistic expression of transterritorialism, multiculturalism and communion.


Lau Li Xuan developed Hakkanese typeface as part of the course Typography III lead by Associate Professor Danne Ojeda and under the project Typology (2017–2020). Typology is a type design project that allows the student to research on a specific cultural, artistic and/or historical specific situation to be visualized in the form of a typeface that can be used as a drop cap or initial for printed contemporary texts. Results of this project range from illustrated, abstract to representational letterforms that strongly visualize content via its unique letterforms as Hakkanese typeface excellently does.


Almenara Press

Almenara Press is a specialized and refereed publisher, associated with the Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana IILI, (International Institute for Ibero-American Literature) based in Leiden, the Netherlands; whose main publication axis is Ibero-American studies and cultural criticism.



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