Masters Programme (Research)


About ADM's Master of Arts (Research)

This research-oriented MA is designed for students who wish to pursue cutting-edge research in specific areas of Art, Design and Media. The MA has been structured to keep the number of required courses to a minimum (three) so that students’ time and energy can be utilized fully in the research topic of their choice. Students will work under the close supervision of ADM faculty for the duration of their studies.

Length of Candidature

The MA (Research) can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. The minimum and maximum length of candidature are as shown:

Current students (Students admitted in AY2019 and before)

Full-Time Part-Time
Programmes Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Master of Arts (Research)
1 Year
3 Years
1 Year
4 Years

Prospective students (Students admitted from AY2020 and onwards)

The maximum course duration for Part-time Research programmes has been revised to be standardised with the equivalent Full-time Research programme.

  Full-Time Part-Time
Programmes Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Master of Arts (Research)
1 Year
3 Years
1 Year
3 Years

Maximum Course Duration refers to the maximum candidature period of study, beyond which, students pay fees at unsubsidised rates.

Part-time Students to be admitted from AY2020 will pay fees at unsubsidised rates if they exceed the candidature period of 3 years for Masters as shown above.

Academic Calendar and Intake

Nanyang Technological University's academic year commences in August and ends in July the following year. ADM currently has one intake in August per academic year. The application deadline is shown below:​

Intake Application Period
August 2020 CLOSED​

Graduate Class Schedule for Semester 1, AY 2020/2021

Course Code/ Title Course Classification Group/ Section Days/ Times Instructors/ Lecturer (s) Venue
Academic Research Methods for Art, Design and Media​
​Core G1​​ ​MON
0900 - 1200
​Assoc Prof Chul Heo ​ADM ART-B1-14​
The Aesthetic
1300 - 1600
Prof Vibeke Sorensen


Design: An Asian Perspective​

0900 – 1200​
Assoc Prof Peer Sathikh


(Learning Hub North, The Arc)​