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MA (Research) AY 2015 – Student Profile

Muhammad Noor Iskandar Bin Othman
Muhammad Noor Iskandar Bin Othman.jpg
​Aesthetics of Losing : The Islamic Image

A study of the poetics and politics behind the mosque architectural evolution in Singapore

Research Areas
  • Islamic art and architecture
  • Aesthetics
  • Loss and death
  • Spaces
  • Spirituality, faith and art
  • Visual culture
  • Singapore heritage​
Supervisor ​Dr Gul Inanc​
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Alan Chong Wei Lun
Alan Chong Wei Lun.jpg
​Investigation on the symbolic meaning of the tortoise in ancient Chinese cosmology

Research Areas
  • Visual language
  • Symbolism
  • Chinese cosmology
  • Geomancy
  • Parallelism
  • Taoism and Buddhism
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Nanci Takeyama​
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Liew Kongmeng
Liew Kongmeng.jpg
​Investigating the Effects of Consonance and Dissonance on Perception and Emotion in Music

A study into how the experiences of emotions may be enhanced through differences in timbre. More consonant sounds should facilitate the induction of emotion, particularly in artistic concepts like music and film where emotion is often central to the aesthetic experience.

Research Areas
  • Aesthetic Emotions
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Music Perception and Cognition
  • Crossmodal Perception
  • Empirical Aesthetics
​Asst Prof PerMagnus Lindborg
Asst Prof Suzy Styles​
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Nicholas Ong Thian Chai
Nicholas Ong Thian Chai.jpg
​Lighting Design for Paintings with Selected Artefacts from Nanyang Style Paintings as case studies

Research Areas
  • Lighting design
  • Exhibition design
  • Art history
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Perception and psychology
  • Physics of light
​A/Prof Andrea Nanetti
Martin Reiser​
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Tengku Kamiliah Binte Tengku Bahdar
Tengku Kamiliah.jpg
​Launch Pads into the Field: Art Residencies and Social Engagement in Indonesia

Research Areas
  • Contemporary art ecology in Indonesia
  • Residencies and artists
  • Art and social engagement
  • Conditions of art production
Supervisor ​Prof Ute Meta Bauer​
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MA (Research) AY 2016 – Student Profile

Muhammad Faisal Bin Husni
Muhammad Faisal Bin Husni.jpg
​An Art Historical Research into Keramat Grave Worship in Singapore

Keramat graves may be found in many parts of the Malay Archipelago. The Malay word keramat signifies venerated objects; an appropriation of the Arabic word karamah, which means the gifts or miraculous abilities of Muslim saints. These venerated objects include Malay or Muslim graves of significant and holy persons which have become sites of worship. Although the practice is forbidden in orthodox Islam, it still persists in the region. This paper examines the remaining keramat graves in Singapore through the lens of art history by focusing on their objectness. It aims to add to earlier more ethnographic and anthropological studies on the topic. It also aims to highlight a gap in the study of Islamic Art—religious objects that are Islamic in nature yet unsupported by orthodox Islam.

Research Areas
  • Art History
  • Religious Art
  • Social Lives of Objects
  • Materiality and Material Culture
  • Interreligious and Intercultural Religious Practices
  • Singapore Heritage
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Sujatha Arundathi Meegama​
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​Curatorial Narratives of Contemporary Southeast Asian Art

Examining the presentation of Singapore and Southeast Asian contemporary art in major group exhibitions and curatorial strategies employed

Research Areas
  • Contemporary Southeast Asian Art
  • Curation of visual art exhibitions
  • Southeast Asian art history
  • Western models of framing and narrative-writing
  • Voice and Identity
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Michelle Lim​
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​Contemporary Southeast Asian art practices post 90s.
Kelompok Seni Rupa Jendela

This aims of this research are to understand the production, reception and consumption of contemporary art practices of Southeast Asia through the study of Kelompok Seni Rupa Jendela, argubaly Indonesia’s most prominent contemporary art collective.

Research Areas
  • Jogja surrealism, Minangkabau aesthetic idioms, Islamic geometric abstraction, filmic experience of objects.
  • Theoretical and aesthetic challenges in curating and art criticism.
  • Presentation of art and cultural, historical objects under conditions and developments in a global contemporary art world.
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Michelle Lim​
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​The Making of Kusu Island: Deconstructing an Illustrated Folktale from Singapore

In the region of Southeast Asia, little scholarship has been done involving the study of the myths of island-creation, unlike the ones in East Asia, North America, Oceania, and even North Atlantic. This research will thus investigate the evolution of an illustrated Singapore folktale of Kusu Island over the past decades, both in terms of narratives and visual representations with references to the changes in society of the time.

Research Areas
  • Island-creation Stories
  • Illustrated Folktales of Singapore
  • Oral History
  • Art History
  • Visual Language
  • Multicultural Literature
  • Singapore Heritage​
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Sujatha Arundathi Meegama​
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Audrey Ng
Audrey Ng.jpg
​Exploration of new textile application in the area of design

This research aims is to experiment and explore the possibilities that can be achieved through a new form of material application for fashion and product design field. A new form of material that could be explored and shaped by patterned textile integrated structural folds with a touch of cultural element.

Research Areas
  • Textile
  • Folds
  • Material
Supervisor ​Asst Prof Galina Mihaleva​
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​The Development of Useful Templates for Documentary Storytelling

This Research Project is aimed at the study of a systematical design process to produce documentary films with high research contents.
In order to develop the templates, I am planning to use four documentaries as samples and a few other productions, starting with "Art Therapy in Sweden Kumla Prison" as first case study.

Research Areas
  • Documentary Film Making
  • Narrative Strategy
Supervisor ​Prof Ben Alvin Shedd​
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