PhD Programme



The School of Art, Design and Media's doctoral programme provides creative research opportunities in a wide spectrum of academic areas. Students are expected and encouraged to develop innovative ways of thinking, and to experiment and create in a range of media. This programme also acts as an incubator for the development and realization of original artistic and professional productions, including design, interactive media, film, animation and new art forms. 

Through exploration of new ideas, creative practices and theories, the expectation is that students will transform the field. A collaborative of internationally recognized faculty members, visiting artists and scholars, offers a unique educational environment of international quality. Creative and production cooperation between faculty and students is encouraged and the development of worldwide co-production opportunities is fostered.

Proposed Research Interests of Faculty

Please click this ​​​link to browse the proposed research interests of ADM faculty for the AY2018 August intake. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive.

Graduate Class Schedule for Semester 2, AY 2017/2018

Course Code/ Title

Course Classification

Group/ Section

Days/ Times

Instructors/ Lecturer (s)


Graduate Seminar 2: The Aesthetic
Core G1 WED/
1500 - 1800
Andrea Nanetti ART-B1-14
New Media History & Theory
Elective G1 TUE/
1630 - 1930
Randall Packer ART-B1-14
Thinking Photography
Elective G1 WED/
0930 - 1230
Oh Soon Hwa /
Michael Tan