PhD Programme


Programme Structure

Option of Study​

PhD students may opt for either option of study:

  • By research: submission of thesis of 85, 000 words; or​
  • By research with a practical component: submission of thesis of 65, 000 words and the practical component


Required Coursework (for PhD students admitted prior to August 2019)

PhD students who are admitted into the programme before August 2019 are required to fulfill the following coursework requirements by the 18th month of their candidature:

  • 6 graduate courses
    PhD students are required to pass 6 graduate courses (or earn 18 Academic Units) with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 within 18 months of the candidature. At least 3 of the courses (including the 2 core courses listed below) must be taken at the School of Art, Design and Media while the remaining 3 courses may be taken at other Schools in NTU. The courses taken should be relevant to the student’s thesis and approved by their respective supervisors.

    The two core graduate courses are:

    • Graduate Seminar 1: Academic Research Skills (AP9031)
      This course is designed to introduce new students to the basic themes and methodologies associated with research at graduate level.

    • Graduate Seminar 2: The Aesthetic (AP9019)​
      The topic of the aesthetic is of prime value to students within the graduate program of ADM. In the first part of the course, a series of seminars introduces the history and practice of various traditions in the aesthetic. The second part is devoted to students' presentations, in which they are asked to develop their own aesthetic or investigate the aesthetic of a particular artist or art movement.​

  • 2 mandatory courses
    To complete and pass HWG703 Graduate English (unless exempted) and HWG702 Teaching Assistants Programme. No academic units would will be awarded for these 2 courses; and


Qualifying Exam, Thesis and Oral Examination

After fulfilling their coursework requirements, PhD students are required to take a Qualifying Exam within the 18th to 24th month of their candidature. The key objectives of the Qualifying Exam are to ascertain that the thesis is a distinct addition to the knowledge in the chosen field and that the PhD student possesses the level of competency required to proceed to the next stage of the candidature. PhD students who pass the Qualifying Exam will continue with their candidature.

To graduate, PhD students are required to submit their thesis for assessment by examiners from NTU and other universities before the end of their candidature. They are also required to sit for an oral examination after they pass their thesis examination.