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ADM Admission Requirements

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ADM Admission Requirements for 2020

Before applying to study at the School of Art, Design and Media [ADM], please ensure that you satisfy the general entry requirements of NTU. You are also required to submit the following materials for evaluation of admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme.

Please refer to this link for the deadlines for submission:

Overview of Application Process

Step 1:
Step 2:
Prescribed Assignment
Step 3:
15 – 20 Best work in any media
  1. ​​Personal Statement & Writing Sample
  2. Creative Project
  3. Visual Aptitude
Submission Deadline

1. Portfolio

Please select and prepare a portfolio consisting of 15 to 20 best examples of your creative works. Your portfolio should reflect your personal interests, experiences and competencies in the arts.

All materials submitted should be original work created by the applicant. Work copied from other sources such as magazines, film, work of other artists, will not be considered.

Portfolio pieces may represent classroom assignments* or independent projects. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, two-dimensional, three- dimensional, and/or time-based work (e.g. games, audio recording, scripts, website, etc.). Preparatory work such as sketches and concept drawings may be included as components of your portfolio.

All submitted work for this section must be digital reproductions of your original work.

*NOTE: In the case of group or collaborative projects, please specify your role and contribution in the project. (A failure to declare will result in disqualification of the particular work from review.)

2. Personal Statement and Writing Sample

Please respond to all four questions in writing:

  1. What is unique and interesting about you?
    [200 words maximum]

  2. Choose and identify ONEpiece of art, design, or media work by a recognised artist and briefly discuss why it inspires or excites you? (The piece may be a film, painting, sculpture, game, website, installation, designed object, visual image, etc.)
    [150 words maximum]

  3. Where and what do you foresee yourself doing 10 years from now?
    [100 words maximum]

  4. Which is your preferred major, Design Art or Media Art, in ADM and why?
    NOTE: This will only serve as an indication of your preference. It does not constitute a guarantee to get into your area of choice.

3. Creative Project

Consider the two words “INDIVIDUAL” and “COMMUNITY”. How would you approach and interpret them together as themes and/or concepts?

Please choose ONE of the following formats for this creative project:

  1. Create a video/film or animation [that lasts no longer than 1 minute] about INDIVIDUAL and COMMUNITY.
  2. Create 5-10 photographic images about INDIVIDUAL and COMMUNITY.
  3. Create a media piece [sound, interactive, or other] [that lasts no longer than 1 minute] about INDIVIDUAL and COMMUNITY.
  4. Create a 3D object or space about INDIVIDUAL and COMMUNITY and submit 5 images [documentation or renderings].

4. Visual Aptitude

Please respond to all three questions according to the specified instructions:

  1. Begin each creative response on a new sheet of A4 white paper measuring 29.7cm x 21cm.
  2. Ensure that your full name and official application number are labeled on the back of each submission.
  3. Any tools or techniques can be used.
  4. Please submit the actual work, not its reproduction.

Question 1: Observation Drawing

Choose an object to observe, draw this object while paying attention to its shape, proportion, scale and shades. You should not draw based on photographic reference i.e. copying from a photograph.

Question 2: Imagination and Invention

Use the shapes given below to express the idea of MOTION. Make an interesting composition using these shapes. Make ONLY abstract responses [in other words, no cats, faces, or any recognizable objects]. Shapes may be repeated. Pay attention to scale, contrast, composition and depth.


Question 3: Visual Narrative

Create a narrative using the theme “REDEMPTION”. Please illustrate this in a comic strip or storyboard of 6 to 9 images on one piece of paper. This sequence will show your ability to tell a story with visuals.

Note: You are free to illustrate this with any media.

The Submission Package

Please ensure that all relevant files in the Submission Package are put on a standard USB flash drive of sufficient storage capacity, containing only the Submission Package documents.

The organization of the flash drive is as follows:

  1. The name of flash drive must be: Application Number
    [e.g. A00075881]

  2. Inside the flash drive, there must be THREE folders:

    a. Portfolio folder
    b. Writing_Sample_and_Personal_Statement folder
    c. Creative_Projects & Visuals folder

  3. All material in all folders should be named according to the following format:
    [e.g. 01_WONG_J.jpg]

Submission of admission assessment materials must include a self‐addressed stamped envelope or box of correct size and with sufficient postage for the return of your materials and/or flash drive. Applicant should ensure that the envelope is padded for protection of their portfolio materials. We cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur during postage. All Undergraduate applicants must send their portfolio to the Office of Admissions directly. Click here for the instructions of the submission package and details of the Document Drop box located at Level 1, Student Services Centre (next to SASD Lobby). Document Drop Box facility is strictly applicable to applicants with application number starting with “A” or “PF”. For applicants with application number starting with “D” or “E”, please send by post to Office of Admissions, 42 Nanyang Avenue, Student Services Centre #03-01, Singapore 639815, within 1 week after stipulated closing deadlines for admission.

File Formats in the Submission Package

The Submissions Package should follow EXACTLY the following guidelines:

Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional work:

With the exception of the work for the Visual Aptitude Section 4 questions which must be submitted in hard copies (do not submit any other actual two-dimensional or three- dimensional work), please submit all other works as digital files.

All images of work must be submitted as JPG or PDF files.

Time Based work:

Time based work such as film, video, sound or performance must be prepared according to the following formats:

​Videos: .avi, .mov, .mp4, Quicktime Up to 200 MB each ​
​Audio: .mp3 Up to 30 MB each ​

Please keep your submissions to under 5 minutes. This is a requirement. Your submission may include multiple clips of different projects within this 5-minute limit (i.e. ‘showreels’). Remember: your (applicant’s) role in group projects must be clearly stated or the work will not be reviewed.

Interactive Multimedia work:

All games, websites, audio works and interactive documentation must be prepared according to the following formats:

​Videos: .avi, .mov, .mp4, Quicktime Up to 200 MB each ​
​Audio: .mp3, .aif, .wav Up to 30 MB each ​
Flash & Web: URL and Html files with all links operational

Executable game & interactive files, including Flash, must be playable on both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Please include a map and instructions showing sample navigation.

Reminder: Your (applicant’s) role in group projects must be clearly stated or the work will not be reviewed.

Samples of Written Creative and Research Materials:

Creative writing, stories, scripts, narratives or research papers may be submitted as part of the applicant’s portfolio. Applicants are to submit your works as PDFs.

Submission Notes:

Please test your files on both PC and Macintosh to ensure that the files open and run smoothly.

Please pay attention to all submission deadlines.

Academic Honesty

By placing your name on submitted work, it is understood that the applicant is claiming sole authorship of the work (with the declared exception of collaborative projects). An applicant found to be plagiarizing someone else’s work, or engaging in other forms of academic dishonesty, will not be considered for review.