Undergraduate Programmes


Undergraduate Degree

(Academic Years 2014 to AY2016)

Digital Animation

The BFA in Digital Animation offers an advanced programme focusing on animation in all its forms.

Delivered in the curriculum are such courses as 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D character animation, stop-motion, experimental animation, rigging, modeling, digital painting and compositing. The program encourages innovation and experimentation in the art-form combined with a solid education in the craft. The curriculum is divided in the third year of its delivery into separate Visual Effects and Character Animation streams, however this is not an exclusive arrangement and it is possible for students to specialize in any and all areas of animation practice.
Designed to provide students with the fundamentals of the art and craft, the philosophy of the programme emphasises creativity, imagination and critical thinking with the aim of giving students the conceptual and creative tools necessary to their development as animators of world-class calibre.


Digital_Animation_Curriculum - AY2014.pdfDigital_Animation_Curriculum - AY2014.pdf

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Digital Filmmaking

The BFA in Digital Filmmaking offers a comprehensive education in the theory and practice of film production.

The curriculum provides a complete foundation in existing cinematic and production techniques as well as recognising that the future of film lies in its relationship with new technologies. New media is changing how we tell stories, how we record the world around us and how we present these narratives to the world. The test for existing and nascent filmmakers and media artists is not only in their ability to tell compelling stories, but also to think beyond the screen. With the latest resources in digital filmmaking at their disposal, students within this programme are nurtured to lead the challenges of the next generation.


Digital_Filmmaking_Curriculum - AY2014.pdfDigital_Filmmaking_Curriculum - AY2014.pdf

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Interactive Media

The BFA in Interactive Media offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the theory and practice of the interactive world.

The Interactive Media curriculum is divided in the second year of its delivery into separate Art and Gaming streams. The practical weight of the major takes the form of projects in which students learn such things as audiovisual design, creative coding, game design, interface design, software/hardware interplay, multi-modal interaction and non-linear narratives. The emphasis of the programme is to cultivate artists who are artistically equal to the many new creative tools of the twenty second century.


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Photography And Digital Imaging

The BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging offers an in-depth exploration of traditional, and experimental genres of photographic imaging.

The curriculum includes a comprehensive education in photography from established lighting, portrait and darkroom courses to cutting-edge digital practices. Portfolio work and studio practice is developed parallel to courses that examine the history of photography and its critical theories in order to provide students with the knowledge, creativity and technical prowess to master the ever developing medium.


Photography_And_Digital_Imaging_Curriculum - AY2014.pdfPhotography_And_Digital_Imaging_Curriculum - AY2014.pdf

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Product Design

The BFA in Product Design offers a curriculum in design methodologies and an environment conducive to innovative thinking.

Beyond problem-solving skills and in-depth analysis of users, markets and cultural values, students also learn to redefine problems and question traditional methods while developing new means of seeing and thinking. Through close interaction with faculty, in small studios and classes, and with a dynamic laboratory and workshop for producing new forms, students gain the experience, knowledge and vision to create innovative work of strong conceptual value.


Product_Design_Curriculum - AY2014.pdfProduct_Design_Curriculum - AY2014.pdf

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Visual Communication

The BFA in Visual Communication presents a comprehensive curriculum, preparing students for the challenges of an increasingly amorphous field.

No longer just print and packaging, contemporary visual communications practice has grown to include motion graphics, environmental graphics, interactive and web design and the field continues to evolve rapidly. Based on process and critical thinking and entrenched within a culture of experimentation, this programme creates versatile designers who will be the future innovators of visual communications in Singapore and the world.


Visual_Communication_Curriculum - AY2014.pdfVisual_Communication_Curriculum - AY2014.pdf

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