The BFA in Art, Design and Media is a four-year degree programme for undergraduates interested in a major in Art, Design and Media within specialisation in six disciplines at NTU. The degree programmes have been offered since the academic year of 2005/2006.

This degree combines rigorous foundation in traditional art and design studio disciplines, and innovative development in new media that incorporates contemporary art, design and media studies with an emphasis on studio practice in a specifics discipline balanced with scholarship in cultural and historical studies. Thus, while the degree retains canonical core elements of an art and design programme, it also reflects a breadth of interests that is relevant both regionally and globally and embraces many of the key areas that comprise contemporary art, design and media studies.

In addition, the degree programmes are structured to allow the possibility of a range of inter-disciplinary studies within each degree itself. Thus, once a student fulfils the basic requirements of the degree in the specific discipline, there is encouragement to incorporate additional study in a secondary discipline in the School.

The degree programme also allows for the student to take a substantial amount of additional coursework in other areas of the University to satisfy the minor area of study.

In certain cases, substitution for coursework from the Art, Design and Media, Engineering, Communications and Information, or Business disciplines in the University is possible and necessary. Thus, each degree ensures range in a specific discipline while encouraging interest in interdisciplinary areas.

Minor subject areas and course substitutions are selected and approved with the advice of an academic mentor.

Inter-disciplinary learning underlies the pathways offered by the School of Arts, Design and Media (ADM):

  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Interactive Media
  • Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Product Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Game

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All students who successfully complete the undergraduate course will be conferred a Bachelor of Fine Arts professional degree.

The first year is the foundation year where students learn the fundamentals of visual creation including; drawing, design in two and three dimensions, time based design, visual storytelling and a survey of art history.

Specialisation begins in the second year, and continues throughout the programme. In addition to the studio-based courses, students are required to complete critical theory, history and philosophy modules.

A few business modules are recommended to prepare students for professional practice. Direct links between students and industry are nurtured towards the completion of the programme.

Students can also take up academic minors in other schools at the University, such as Communication, Drama & Performance, English Literature, History, Chinese Language & Culture, Drama Environmental Management, and Computer Engineering.

To enable students to gain first-hand industry experience, it is compulsory​ for ADM students to undertake internship. Internships last ten weeks and students will be supervised by the professors and relevant industry practitioners.​

Honours are awarded on completion of the fourth year to those students who have performed at a high level of excellence.