Minor Programmes


Minor Programmes

In addition to their BFA majors, ADM students can choose to complete one of the minors available in the other schools throughout the University. A full list of minor programmes is indicated on the following page in the University's website:


Students declare a minor at the beginning of the Academic Year directly to the Office of Academic Services (OAS). Depending on the structure of the minor chosen, a total of 15 or 16 AUs needs to be completed.

Students may use the AUs allocated to GER Unrestricted Electives towards a declared minor. Minor courses are excluded from the S/U option.

* A maximum of ONE (1) GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is allowed to be counted towards the Minor in Art History requirement (provided the GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is also in the Minor's list of courses). This applies to students admitted in AY2013 onwards.

**ADM students are not allowed to double count the following Art History courses towards the requirements for the BFA and the Minor in Art History.

Core Art History courses – ADM students admitted before AY2017

DD2005 Survey of New Media

DD3005 Survey of Modern Art, 1900-1945

DD3006 Art in the Age of Colonialism

DD3011 Contemporary South-East Asian Art

DD3014 From Modern to Post-Modern Art 1945-1985

Compulsory Major Prescribed Elective History courses – ADM students admitted in AY2017 onwards 

DD2000 Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian Art

DD2009 Survey of New Media

DD2008 Survey of Modern Art 1900 -1945

Art in the Age of Colonialism

DD3010 Issues in Global Contemporary Art

DD8008 Faith in Art

DD8010 Visualization of Cultural Heritage

DD8012 Contemporary Curating

DD9014 Introduction to Museum Studies​