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Minor In Photography

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Minor In Photography

The Minor in Photography in NTU is open to non-ADM undergraduate students interested in studying and practicing the art of photography.


Embarking on this course you will explore photographic artworks in-depth, looking at composition and context, cultural and historical backgrounds and influences, developing a knowledge of the aesthetic values behind lens-based art and its distinctive qualities.

Through classes that integrate technical aspects with aesthetic concerns, you will acquire the technical and creative skills necessary for production, and have the opportunity to explore your own creative approach to making photographic images. Through this practice you will learn to think and express yourself visually. This Minor will be beneficial for those who want to develop their photography skills and knowledge at a higher level, as well as those interested in careers in the arts, journalism, communications, fashion and media.

Admission Criteria

All NTU students are eligible for the Minor in Photography except students from BFA (Media Art), whom have the option of a pathway in Photography

Academic Structure

Students in the Minor in Photography will need to pass one core course AND at least four other courses from the list below. Students will first acquire the foundational knowledge through the core course, DP2001 Digital Photography before pursuing further coursework. It will set the context and prepare students for the specialised electives within the minor. 

Compulsory Core Photography Course:

DP2001 Digital Photography

Choose a minimum of four courses from this list after completing DP2001:

DP2000 Black and White Film Photography 

DP2002 History of Photography

DP2004 Critical Eye: Seeing and Understanding in Photo Media

DP2005 Photography: Colour and Context

DP2008 Experimental Photography

DP3000 Photographic Media and Presentation

DP3003 Narrative Portraits

DP3008 Location Experiences in Photography

DP3010 Moving Image for Media Artists

DP3011 Documentary Practices 

Advance courses which require additional pre-requisite besides DP2001:

DP2006 Principles of Lighting (Pre-requisite: DP2000)

DP2011 Photography: Light and Location (Pre-requisite: DP2006)

DP4001 Extended Photography (Pre-requisite: DP2001 & DP2005) ​

Last updated: Jan 2021