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DD4000 Final Year Project



Aug 2011

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DD4000 Final Year Project

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9 AU



The student must have passed all Core courses specific to their area

Course Description



DD4000           Final Year Project

Learning Objective

To showcase the skills, interests and creative identity of the student. 


In this course the students work on a self-directed project whose focus reflects the interests, skills and abilities that they have developed during their time at ADM. Its output should reflect their own developing creative identity and should be professional and high-quality in its form. They may work as a part of a group but must be able to articulate exactly what role that they played within the group. The students should be able to state in advance the essential practical and creative remit of the project and have a understanding of the resources that it requires and the time that is needed to complete it. 

There is a written component (FYP Report) to this course which should examine the personal, historical, aesthetic and cultural background of the project. 

Though the nature of the project should challenge the student they should not take on anything that is completely new to them. Its topic and scope should be a reflection of the culmulative learning that they have acquired during their time at ADM.  

Learning Outcome

The students are expected to initiate, develop and finalise a creative project of significance, and substance. The students will be able to use the skills and interests that they have developed in their time at ADM in a focused and appropriate way. The students will be able to clearly frame the project in its cultural and social context.

Grading Criteria

Projects specific to the disciplines of an area will have their own set of grading criteria that the students are expected to fulfil.