Undergraduate Degree




DD8005 Professional Practice for Creatives

[Lectures: 26 hours; Tutorials: 19.5 hours; Pre-requisites: NIL; Academic Unit: 3.0]




Academic Unit


3 AU

Course Description


Learning Objective

To deliver to students through lectures, field trips, and demonstrations, an introduction to the commercial and practical realities of the creative industries.


This course provides an overview of the best professional practices with which artists, designers and filmmakers need to be familiar. Topics cover a wide range of relevant and critical issues for young professionals, from budgeting, contracts and intellectual property law to marketing, self-promotion and creative management skills. The course includes a few area-specific sessions where specialized issues are addressed.


Course Outline




  1. • Intro to course

2 - 7

• The Financial Management of a Business

• Preparing a portfolio / demo reel etc

• Applying for grants

• Reviewing your opportunities

  1. • Fund management

  2. • The Business of Creativity

  3. • Identify needs & opportunities for innovation

• The Company & Its Function

• Working with clients

• Predicting and handling risk


• Mid Sem review of Assignments

8 - 12

  1. • Human Resource & Talent Management

  2. • Working with clients

  3. • Managing projects

  4. • The legal side of business

  5. - Contracts

  6. - Getting legal help

  7. - Negotiating a position with stakeholders and clients

  8. • Copyrights and trademarks

  9. - Intellectual property

  10. • Business and ethics

  11. • Selling yourself

• Communication


  1. • Final review of assignments

Learning Outcome

The students will have a knowledge real-world practice in the creative industries. The student will be better equipped for commercial success after they complete their FYP and leave ADM.

Student Assessment

  • Final Assessment: 40%

  • Continuous Assessment: 60% (of which at least 15% is participation)

Continuous assessment components may include:

  • Studio-based exercises and projects

  • Individual, group and team-based assignments


    1. Margaret R Lazzari, The Practical Handbook for the Emerging Artist, Wadsworth

    2. Cay Lang, Taking the Leap: The Insider’s Guide to Exhibiting and Selling your Art, Chronicle Books