Undergraduate Degree




DF3007 16mm Film Production II

[Studio Contact Hours: 39 hours; Pre-requisites: DF2003, DF3000; Academic Unit: 3.0]



DF2003, DF3000

Academic Unit


3 AU

Course Description


Learning Objective

To deliver to students through practice-based teaching a continuation of the skills that they learned in DF3000 16mm Film Production I. To develop in the students the ability to respond within the medium of celluloid film to particular subject matter in an appropriate way.


This course develops in the students the skills that were introduced in DF3000 16mm Film Production I. It encourages the students to find appropriate ways in which to address particular subject matter. The focus will be on image control while using the specific qualities of high end film equipment in a creative and appropriate manner.

Course Outline




• Intro to course

2 - 6

• Image control: 

- Advanced lighting and light measurement technique etc

• Visual effects on set/ matte/ filters

• Sensitometry: lab procedures

• Visual effects in lab: 

- Flashing, cross processing, bleach by pass etc

• Visual effects: 

- On set lighting for green key, compositing, framing

- In the post Digital intermediate, grading, shoot to film (35 mm screening copy)


• Mid Sem review of assignments

8 - 12

• Using complex techniques to create a particular style


• Final review of assignments

Learning Outcome

The students will have developed a creative confidence with traditional filmic media.

Student Assessment

  1. Final Assessment: 40%

  2. Continuous Assessment: 60% (of which at least 15% is participation)

Continuous assessment components may include:

  • Studio-based exercises and projects

  • Individual, group and team-based assignments


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    2. Leonard Maltin (Ed), Behind the Camera: The Cinematographer’s Art, Signet.

    3. Doe Myer, Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out, UCLA

    4. Eric Renner, Pinhole Photography - Rediscovering a Historic Technique, Focal Press

    5. Anna K Sterling, Cinematographers on the Art and Craft of Cinematography. Metuc​hen, The Scarecrow Press Inc.

    6. Jennifer Van Sijll, Cinematic Storytelling - The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know, Michael Wiese Productions

    7. Paul Wheeler, Digital Cinematography, Focal Press.