Undergraduate Degree



DP2005 Photo Imaging II: Colour Photography

[Studio Contact Hours: 39 hours; Pre-requisites: DP2000, DP2001; Academic Unit: 3.0]  

 Academic Unit                         :           3 AU

 Pre-requisite                            :           DP2000 and DP2001

 ​Course Description                 :


Learning Objective

To develop in the students the skills, themes and ideas that were introduced in DP2​000 Photo Imaging I. To introduce to students the beginnings of an understanding of the use and effect of colour in photographic practice.



This course will serve as an introduction to colour photography as well as help to reinforce the ideas introduced in DP2000 Photo Imag​ing I. Through the development of personal projects, critiques, technical instruction and exploration; students will begin to acquire an understanding of what it means to be an image-maker. Through lectures on  the work of significant figures in photographic practice, and discussions on a variety pf subjects, students will begin to understand how their own work fits into the contemporary and historical landscape of photography.


Course Outline




• Intro to course

2 - 6

• Introduction to colour theory/ science of colour

• Demo: scanning film for contact sheets

• Learning to see mixed lighting

• The psychology of Colour

Color temperature and fundamentals of color manipulation in the analogue and digital working environment

• Light Meters and Medium formats cameras


• Mid Sem review of assignments

8 - 12

• The reproduction of colour

• Colour management

• Choosing the correct colour profile

• Shooting using flash (bounce, direct, fill, off camera, slow synch)

• Portraiture

• Using Harmony & contrast


• Final review of assignments


Learning Outcome

The students will have developed their knowledge and experience of photographic practice with a particular emphasis on the management and theory of colour and light from both a perceptive and optical point of view. The students will be able to use this knowledge and experience in establishing the creative boundaries of their own photographic practice.


Student Assessment

  1. Studio-based exercises and Short Assignment. Students are expected to respond to a theme requiring them to make a short series, and 3 studio-based exercises (40%)

  2. Individual, Group and Team-based Assignment. Students are expected produce a self-initiated photo series requiring them to make between 10 to 15 images (40%)

  3. Class Participation. Students are expected to demonstrate active class participation during presentations, discussions and critique sessions (20%)



Recommended Reading:

a.          Barbara London, John Upton, Photography, Longman Pub Group

b.          Robert Hirsch, Exploring Color Photography, McGraw-Hill​