Undergraduate Degree




DR2001 Product Design I

[Studio Contact Hours: 39 hours; Pre-requisites: Nil; Academic Unit: 3.0]




Academic Unit


3 AU

Course Description


Learning Objective

To introduce to the students through practice-based learning the fundamental process and methodologies of product design practice.


This course focuses on the fundamental theories of 3D design, including problem definition, research methods and design process. It is intended to introduce to students the basics of design practice and, through simple studio projects, encourage exploration of issues relating to function, cognition and aesthetics. The course introduces to the student the idea of ‘appropriate choice’ and covers the informed selection of materials, processes and applications. Students will be shown how the selection of one particular material or process over another can influence the design and performance of the designed object and how technology can influence and address the creative process.

Course Outline




• Intro to course

2 - 6

• Tools for presentation

• Design Research

• Materials, Processes and Application

• Concepts generation & Design Proposals


• Mid Sem review of assignments

8 - 12

• Creative Use of Materials and Processes

• Design Development & Refinement

• Project: Materials Research and Mock-up construction


• Final review of assignments

Learning Outcome

The students will have a familiarity with the forms, purpose, scope and limits of product design. The students will have an overview of the broad range of creative possibilities within the scope of product design.

Student Assessment

  1. Final Assessment: 30%

  2. Continuous Assessment: 70% (of which at least 15% is participation)

Continuous assessment components may include:

  • Studio-based exercises and projects

  • Individual, group and team-based assignments


Recommended Reading:

  1. Henry Dreyfuss, Designing for People, Allworth Press

  2. C Fiell, P Fiell, Industrial Design, Taschen