Undergraduate Degree




DT3004 Rigging for Animation

[Studio Contact Hours: 39 hours; Pre-requisites: DT2001; Academic Unit: 3.0]




Academic Unit


3 A​U

Course Description


Learning Objective

To deliver to the students a practice-based introduction to the practical basics of 3D character rigging and its place within the 3D production pipeline.


This course introduces the basic techniques of character set-up and rigging as used in 3D animation. It familiarizes students with skills such as how to set up the skeleton for a full character, how to create blendshapes for facial animation and how to determine the particular needs of a 3D character. Students will learn the importance and the practical technique of a well constructed rig for successful animation in 3D and become skilled in using these techniques for their own characters.

Course Outline




• Introduction to the course

2 - 6

• Motion study for rigging

• Understanding skeleton setup and custom attribute

• Survey of different joints style and control

• Study of human body

• Full body rigging for character animation

• Bi-Pad and Quad-Pad character rigging

• Stretchable rigging for cartoony character


• Mid Sem review of assignments

8 - 12

• Knowledge of facial rigging

• Basic Dynamic for advanced rig 

• Explore different solution for facial deformation

• Creating effective user interface for facial animation rigging control


• Final review of assignments

Learning Outcome

The student will have learned the practical basics of character rigging and how, the use of these skills, character models can be imbued with believable motive life. They will also know the place of the rigger within the larger 3D production pipeline.

Student Assessment

  1. Final Assessment: 40%

  2. Continuous Assessment: 60% (of which at least 15% is participation)

Continuous assessment components may include:

  • Studio-based exercises and projects

  • Individual, group and team-based assignments


  1. Ed Hooks, Acting for Animators: A complete guide to Performance Animation, Heinemann Drama

  2. Jason Osipa, Stop Staring, Facial Modelling and Animation Done Right, Sybex