Undergraduate Policies


Advanced Standing And Transfer of Credits

The School of Art, Design and Media recognises academic work completed in recognised institutions both in Singapore and internationally. To ensure that each student is given adequate assessment of advanced standing and transfer credits, the School will conduct an individual assessment of each case.

Activity Flow

  • Year One students will receive submission instructions during the ADM Freshmen Orientation. All eligible students are to submit the form to the ADM General Office at Level 1. Late submission after the stated deadline will not be entertained.
  • For Compulsory Studio Elective Course, the Area Coordinator will evaluate the portfolio submitted and give their recommendation.
  • Associate Chair, Academic will transfer the General Education Requirement (GER) Core, Major/GER Prescribed Electives and Unrestricted Electives and submit the recommendation to the Chair for approval.
  • Upon final approval, the students will be informed of their results and collection of portfolio through students' NTU email account.

Guidelines on Transfer

  • Only those with tertiary study and a significant portfolio are eligible for advanced standing.
  • Evaluation of AUs transferred is based on courses passed with at least a grade B or better.
  • For Polytechnic Diploma, generally, only third-year courses will be considered for advanced placement at ADM. In specific cases, some courses may be considered based on course content and how comparable these are to ADM course.
  • Determination is on a cases by case basis, and subject to endorsement by Associate Chair, Academic and approval by Chair, ADM.
  • Advanced standing is formalised within the first year of matriculation.
  • Generally, for Polytechnic students (including NAFA and LaSalle SIA College of the Art), the maximum number of Core and Prescribed Elective course AUs to be transferred is 12 AUs. Only in cases of exceptional work presented will there be consideration of transfer beyond 12 AUs.
  • University students (Singapore & International) receive GER credits transferred as per University policies (recommended by Associate Chair, Academic).
  • University students (Singapore & International) may receive waivers on first year courses and major core course on a case by case basis. These are evaluated by area faculty based on portfolio in each subject requested for transfer of credit.

Students admitted in AY2018 onwards

​​Subject Type AU Requirement​ Max Number of AUs to be transferred​
​​GERs and Unrestricted Elective 54 AUs​ ​9 AUs
​​Core & Compulsory Major Prescribed Electives ​​74 AUs 3 AUs in Compulsory Major Prescribed Studio Electives (Portfolio to be submitted)
​Other Major Prescribed Electives ​6 AUs ​Determined on case by case basis

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Advanced Placement Record Form

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