Undergraduate Policies


Global Programmes

ADM supports 3rd year students on exchange at overseas university for a maximum of one year through NTU's international exchange programme.

NTU has a number of active student exchange programs and ADM students can participate in these exchange programmes.

1. Global Education and Mobility (GEM)

For holistic and quality global education experience, students are strongly encouraged to do their semester study at NTU's student exchange partner institutions. Please click here to learn more about the GEM Explorer.

Should you be keen to complete your semester study at a non-NTU partner institution, please email GEM-Explorer@ntu.edu.sg for all queries on the programme guidelines and application procedures from 28 February 2018 onwards.

2. Opportunity to Study in a Local University

Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme​

The Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme (SUSEP) offers NTU students the opportunity to study a few courses or up to one semester at NUS or SMU. This is made possible through a tripartite agreement with NUS and SMU.