Undergraduate Policies


Undergraduate Policies

​Policies and Codes of Conduct

Assessment and Grading

  • Assessment​
  • Grading
  • Classification of Students
  • Graduation and Residential Requirements​
  • Satisfactory Academic Standing
  • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option
  • Attendance​
  • Plagiarism​

Registration Instructions

  • Student Automated Registration System
  • Add/Drop of Subjects
  • Academic Load

Advanced Standing And Transfer of Credits

  • Activity Flow
  • Guidelines on Transfer of credits

Student Leave of Absence

  • Short Leave of Absence
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Medical Leave

  • ​Travel Insurance for Students on Overseas School Trips 
  • Travel Registry System
  • Assistance on Medical and Security Matters on Overseas Travels 

Exchange Programmes


  • Labs, Studios And Workshops
  • ADM Computer Labs Regulations
  • Studio/Workshop Usage
  • Equipment Check-Out
  • Safety And Emergency
  • ADM Library 

Teaching During Revision Period

  • ​​Unlike other units at the University, ADM may conduct active classes throughout the revision period. Your instructor will inform you if you are required to attend any sessions for make-up or additional instruction during the revision and examination periods.