Undergraduate Policies


Registration Instructions

Student Automated Registration System

Students in Years 2–4 must register themselves for all courses through the Student Automated Registration System (STARS) according to the schedule announced by the Office of Academic Services. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions provided by the Office of Academic Services so that you can successfully register for your choice of required subjects, on your assigned registration date and within the time period allowed.

For more information:

To access STARS via StudentLINK through the Internet:

Type http://www.ntu.edu.sg/studentlink to access StudentLINK
Click Subject Registration

At the NTU Student Login screen, enter your Matriculation Number and PIN

Whether during the ADM Registration period or the NTU Subject Registration exercise, it is the responsibility of each student to complete the necessary procedures in a timely manner. For additional information students may contact ADM’s Academic Assistant Director, Mrs Julie Lim, or the relevant Area Coordinators.​

Add/Drop of Subjects

Foundation students may not shift groups or withdraw from any subjects without consultation with and approval from the School.

Students in Years 2–4 may add or drop courses through the STARS online system, provided they do so within the add/drop period announced by the University’s Office of Academic Services.

Students are nevertheless advised to think carefully about their choice of courses and to use this measure sparingly so as to cause minimal disruption either to classes or their own workload. Should you choose to add a course, it is your responsibility alone to make up any work that you may have missed prior to your registration.

Academic Load

ADM students are advised not to undertake additional courses and should think very carefully before seeking to overload. The greater workload may well adversely affect your performance in critical studio courses.

Year One students may NOT overload in Semester One. During course registration for Semester Two, Year One students with exceptional academic performance may overload up to a maximum of 22 AUs per semester. Students considering an overload must request the Chair’s approval. Please contact the Academic Assistant Director for details.

Year Two , Year Three and Year Four students may overload up to a maximum one course per semester.