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Travel Matters for Student

Travel Insurance for Students on Overseas School Trips

All NTU Students going for any overseas trip sponsored, conducted or authorised by NTU (“Official NTU Student Trips”) will be covered by the NTU Student Travel Insurance Policy. Trips shall not exceed 365 days in all (inclusive of Personal Deviation (personal vacation) taken by student immediately before, during, and/or immediately after an Official NTU Student Trip, subject to maximum of 90 days combined).

Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited has been appointed by NTU to provide the service for NTU's Group Travel Insurance for students. For further information on the Group Travel Insurance scheme, please refer to the following webpage:

You may also contact Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited at CustomerService.SG@chubb.com or One Stop @ SAC at ossac@ntu.edu.sg.

The NTU Student Travel Insurance Policy covers full-time matriculated undergraduate and postgraduate students of NTU, but does not cover inbound students of exchange programmes, executive education, certificate-based courses, and continuing education and lifelong learning courses under PACE@NTU.

In Academic Year 2019-2020, students travelling overseas for an Official NTU Student Trip will be required to make an online payment via One Stop’s website for the Student Travel Insurance. More information will be provided by the school after the approval for short leave of absence.

Travel Registry System

The University has a Travel Registry System to capture travel information of students and staff. This enables the University to respond in a timely manner, especially in facilitating communication with affected students and staff, in the event of an emergency.

Students are required to declare their overseas travel at https://venus.wis.ntu.edu.sg/otrs/login.aspx prior to their departure. Only students travelling under programmes of the Student Affairs Office, Career and Attachment Office and Office of Global Education & Mobility need not make the declaration as the travel information will be recorded by these offices.

Assistance on Medical and Security Matters on Overseas Travels

Apart from travel insurance, timely assistance on medical and security matters is also important for people on overseas travel. The University has thus contracted International SOS (ISOS) to provide emergency assistance to NTU members on official trips or university-sanctioned activities overseas.

Prior to departure, travellers can access a wealth of destination-specific information to help them prepare and plan for the trip. In the event of an emergency during the trip, any NTU members can contact ISOS for immediate assistance. The expenses incurred for the assistance services may be borne by the traveller or claimable from his/her travel insurance, depending on the insurance terms.

For more information on ISOS services, please access this website:
(Membership Number: 02AYCA089601)​