Centre for Asian Art and Design


Forms of Everyday Asia


The form tradition of Asia, with a visual feel completely different and unique, is most eloquently seen in the everyday pots used in Asian countries. Refined over thousands of years, journeying through material and functional evolutions, the everyday pot of Asia is simultaneously practical and common; philosophical and symbolic.

The "lota" and the "kalash" of India, the "chanoyu" tea kettles of Japan, Chinese ceramic pots of everyday use - all are objects of deep beauty: both outer and inner. Ceremonial, functional, sculptural, festive, sublime, mystical, symbolic, the everyday pot is also a container of potential and possibilities - an envelope for fluidity.


An exhibition of selected pots from Asian counries (India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) was reviewed not just by the Singapore community but also by the international design community which came to Singapore for the ICSID Congress in November '09 to get a direct experience of the rich formal traditions of Asia. This project was done in collaboration with Professor Trivedi, IITB, IDC, Mumbai, India.

The University of Central Lancashire has approached us and would like to showcase this exhibition in the United Kingdom. Discussions are under way for taking this ahead.​