Centre for Asian Art and Design




Collaboration with Embassy of Mexico, Laboratorio Arte Alameda Scretaria de Relaciones Exteriores and the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU. The exhibition was held at the school galleries from 19th August to 18th September 2009. The two artists were Ivan Abreu and Jeronimo Hagerman.

Pleamar (High Tide) and Substrate were the site and contect specific projects that explored both ADM's building -environment and Singapore's geological situation with two vegetable-media interventions. Playing with the relative ground level aspect of the school, the lighting conditions of the galleries and Singapore's island conditions; both pieces explored the notions of nature, technology and the role of the observer.


Pleamar (High tide)
Ivan Abreu


A piece synchronized with Singapore's coastal-tide. This installation uses buoys previously used in the same sea. This buoys have the mark of the flotation level due to salt erosion. A set of buoys hang to an electronic system which contains the table of tides during the exhibition time (a set of numbers predicted and published by Singapore's port in advance), varying their altitude according to this information and oscillating at a very slow speed (1mm every 4sec aprox). Movement is subtly perceived visually and it's sound is amplified with small chains used as anchors hanging over an acoustic surface. 



Jeronimo Hagerman



A labyrinth of transparent columns filled up with a layer of soil to grow climb-plants that will hang from the ceiling. With the audience's point of view located at the level of the soil, this piece dialogues with school's architecture, specially with the vegetable ceiling and the transparency of the walls. The piece is a reflection upon our consciousness of live substrates and about where do we locate our perception of the world as human beings. We exist between layers of air and substrates of soil where a million things happen that we are hardly conscious about.