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Where is Chopin?


A Performance/Installation: 

Where is Chopin?

By Dr Jaroslaw Kapuscinski


Where is Chopin?
A performance/installation
by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski

The installation/performance is a search for traces of Chopin's music in minds and faces of people from around the world. To carry it out Kapuscinski performed personal concerts for nearly 150 volunteers in places where Chopin is very popular, but where he never set foot: Tokyo, San Francisco, Wellington, Sydney, Seoul, Beijing, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Mexico City.

The work is a re-composition of video documentations from these encounters and of Chopin's Preludes op.28.

Talk: From Gamelan to Kabuki: Time, Motion, Intermedia

Motion is one of the primary expressive elements of time based arts. Seen or heard, in today's reality it takes shape under cultural influences that are local and global. After childhood years spent in Indonesia and family travels to surrounding countries, Asian culture became as much a part of creative identity as later studies in Europe and North America.

The talk will define and trace the interactions of Asian and Western influences in Dr. Kapuscinski's work with time and motion within intermedia.


What is Intermedia? Where is Chopin? Composing with Sounds, Images and Words

Intermedia artist, composer and pianist Jaroslaw Kapuscinski creates works in which sounds and images are given equal importance. Often, musical instruments are used to control multimedia content in installations or live performance. His research involves study of correspondences between aural and visual materials and multisensory perception.

A recent performance/installation "Where is Chopin?" looks for traces of music in the minds and faces of listeners from around the world. In the workshop, Kapuscinski will discuss current research, focusing on the process of intermedia composition and audiovisual interpretation.

 About the Speaker

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski is an intermedia composer and pianist. He was first trained as a classical pianist and composer at the Chopin Academy of Musica in Warsaw and expanded into multimedia during a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada and through doctoral studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Currently, he is an assistant professor of composition and director of the Intermedia Performance Lab at Stanford University.

For more info on Dr Jaroslaw Kapuscinski and his work, please see http://www.jaroslawkapuscinski.com​