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Art, Design and Media are ways that we explore, contemplate, and improve the world around us. It’s how we communicate our understanding of the natural, social, and built environments. To do this we apply sensitivity, aesthetics and ethics to all we create.

Each artist and each artwork has a unique story, a special context, and a direct and potentially profound effect upon the world. This means that imagination, innovation, and critical thinking are fundamental. 

The role that art, design, and media technologies play in the dialogue between cultures, and in transforming the way of life of people around the world is also an important consideration in all that we do. Because we are a young school located in Singapore in the heart of South East Asia, a major international port city that for hundreds of years has been the gateway between the East and West, new relationships between traditional and contemporary media, and local and world cultures are being pioneered here. We consider ADM to be a living laboratory, a model of the global community where respect for life and diversity is fundamental, and each student is an ambassador. We welcome those from all countries of South East Asia, Asia, and the larger international environment and encourage them to bring their special experience, knowledge and insights to their studies. 

As our planet and its ecosystems are increasingly fragile, our collective responsibility as stewards of its resources means that our students are also asked to consider issues of sustainability in all that they do. Our green building, and our garden city and campus, are an inspiration to us all in this regard, a reminder of our ultimate goal of living in harmony with nature and the universe.

Finally, whether your interests are in fine art, photography, film, animation, interactive media, visual communication or product design we are committed to fostering your voice as an independent artist, designer or scholar by providing you with the conceptual and technical skills necessary for professional employment, research or advanced study in the arts and related fields.

With this, you will become part of an exciting new wave of dazzling talent that is already transforming Singapore into a major creative centre in South East Asia.

Vibeke Sorensen
Professor and Chair
School of Art, Design, and Media​​